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Construimos Cuidando La Salud De Nuestro Equipo

Since the beginning of preventive and compulsory social isolation, a large part of our team continued to work from their homes to attend to the needs and queries of clients. However, days ago we resumed our construction activity at the Florencio Varela industrial plant, readapting our safety and hygiene measures, protocols and workspaces to take care of the health of our employees.

Within a context of sanitary emergency caused by the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we maximize our hygiene measures, admission protocols to each sector, reorganize circulation and work areas, and fundamentally hold informative talks on the disease.

In this way, we established new requirements and care before entering the plant, among which is temperature measurement and developed a specific action protocol when a possible suspicious case appears. We also increase the periodicity of cleaning in all spaces, complying with detailed instructions on disinfection and ventilation of the spaces.

On the other hand, we provide all personnel with more supplies for personal hygiene and surface cleaning, we incorporate more equipment, work clothes and 3-layer face protection masks (mask) plus a disposable filter, made with washable materials and reusable.

In addition, we carry out special training to report on the symptoms of the disease, ways of prevention and steps to follow in case of feeling any ailment related to the coronavirus.

Also to ensure a minimum social distance of 2 meters. Between each post, we redistribute work and circulation spaces, and put up specific signage to signal new areas and traffic conditions.

Finally, we reinforce these measures, taking care of the team also on the way to the company and on the way home, making private vehicles available for the transfer and thus avoiding the use of public transport.

At 4housing we understand that we are in an extraordinary and dynamic context that demands a constant update of the preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19, which is why we are always attentive to the new legal requirements that may arise to act immediately, to adapt our protocols quickly and so comply with all established safety and hygiene standards.

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