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Nuevo Espacio De Trabajo En Nuestra Planta

Framed in this context of a pandemic, which requires greater prevention measures and social distance between people and demands that companies reorganize workspaces, we inaugurated a Multipurpose Room at our plant, developed using our modular method.

This new SUM located in our industrial plant in Ing. Allan, Florencio Varela, was built with the system of metal structures, which has the particularity of being completely covered in natural wood with polyurethane luster. It features floor-to-ceiling windows, a large meeting space with a full office, and a library-style multipurpose cabinet.

In addition, this area was provided with a generously sized table, designed by the 4housing architecture team with the aim of being functional for all kinds of uses, and a set of design chairs painted in a color developed exclusively for these pieces of furniture.

In this way, the new room provides us with useful m2 for a greater distribution of jobs, allowing us to return to activity under the new protocols for safety, hygiene and distance that we developed specifically to address the health care of the entire team and community during the pandemic.

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