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Unidades Disponibles Para Alquilar

In addition to building large complexes according to the needs of each client, at 4housing we have a large stock of modular units for rent with immediate delivery to any point in the country and ready to use.

These modules are a practical, easy to transport and functional option for companies that need to temporarily enlarge their storage or work spaces. Some of the units currently available are:

  • Reefers: refrigerated containers ideal for storing products in a controlled environment. They can be used for fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, drugs, flowers and chemicals, among other products.
  • Medical offices: modules specially adapted to meet all necessary requirements and allow the proper development of medical care tasks.
  • Offices: one of the most outstanding and requested products thanks to its durability, comfort and finishes.
  • Dining rooms: it allows to expand the spaces for recreation and food for staff.
  • Warehouses: robust and essential units to store production.
  • Bedrooms: spaces specially designed to facilitate a good rest for the team.

Sanitary: essential units for personal hygiene and cleanliness. They have toilets, urinals, sinks, showers and changing room benches.

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