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Proyectos Destacados 2019

2019 was a year of great constructions and developments of different types that were transported and located in different cities of our country. Below we share a summary of the turnkey complexes and buildings that we built throughout the year.

Ruta 40 S.A. in Puerto Madryn

This 400 m2 office complex was a project built with recycled shipping containers for the stowage, logistics and transport company Ruta 40 S.A. The building, located in Puerto Almirante Storni in the province of Chubut, contains management offices, open-plan offices, men’s and women’s restrooms, an office with a kitchenette, dining room and an archive room, as well as a covered balcony, a space of uncovered terrace and a central hall on which 2 linked containers float and protrude from the complex, generating a meeting room. Check out the video and tour the building! Click here now.

Modular multipurpose room in Tigre

In 2019 we built a Multiple Use Room (SUM), for a company in the town of Tigre, using 5 paneling modules. It covers a total area of ​​75 m2, of which 60 m2 were destined for the dining room and SUM, while the remaining 15 m2 were used for the changing rooms, equipped with 3 showers, 2 toilet boxes, 2 urinals and toilets for hand washing. This project was carried out in a period of 30 days of factory production and only 3 days of assembly.

Oil Trailer Camp in Neuquén

In addition, as part of our commitment to the quality and continuous evolution of our final products, we incorporated several improvements to our oil trailers, which were implemented in a camp of 11 units that we developed for the workers of an oil services company who are in Rincón de los Sauces, Neuquén province.
Inside the units we incorporate Silestone countertops, phenolic veneer in formica veneer, synthetic plank flooring, embedded LED spots, Indelval rubber coverings with heat-welded joints, and embedded machine rooms.

En el interior de las unidades incorporamos mesadas de Silestone, muebles de madera fenólica enchapados en fórmica, pisos entablonados sintéticos, spots LED embutidos, revestimientos en goma Indelval con uniones termosoldadas y salas de máquinas embutidas.

MMA building in Cipolletti

We also disembarked in the city of Cipolleti, Río Negro, with the design and execution of a 450 m2 office project. This was built using recycled containers in a total of 90 days: 75 days of factory tasks and 15 days of assembly work at its final location. The complex has open-plan offices, private management offices, training room, meeting room, men’s and women’s restrooms, locker rooms, dining room, operator rooms, rack room and reception.

Offices with Metallics Structures a paneling system in Neuquén

Finally, reaching the end of 2019 we deliver the office complex built with the metallic structures and paneling system. To carry out this 500 m2 project, we designed a 2 floors building in the shape of an “L”, composed of out of phase modules that play with the upper and lower floors to create semi-covered spaces and terraces.. It has offices, meeting rooms, rack room, dining rooms, doctor’s office, toilets, changing rooms, machine room and outdoor spaces.

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