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Ruta 40 S.A. Building


Puerto Madryn, Chubut

Total surface:

400 sq. meters


9 recycled 40-foot HC & 6 20-foot HC recycled

Total construction time:

105 days

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Container Buildings Project - Ruta 40 S.A. Building
Container Buildings Project - Ruta 40 S.A. Building
Container Buildings Project - Ruta 40 S.A. Building

We constructed a complex of offices for the logistics and port stowage company Ruta 40 S.A. This turnkey development, located in Puerto Madryn, in the Province of Chubut, has a total area of 400 sq. m.

The project was built with 9 recycled 40-foot HC containers and 6 20-foot HC recycled containers, two of which stand out from the set, was set up as a meeting room.

The carrying out of the project took only 90 days: 75 days for production in our factory in Florencio Varela and 15 days of assembly on site.

Project Design and Director: María Belén Gonzalez, Architect

The 15 recycled maritime containers give rise to management offices, open-plan offices, toilets for men, women and the disabled, an office with a kitchenette, a cafeteria and a filing room. In addition, there is a covered balcony, an open-spaced terrace and a central hall, which stand out from the two linked container set that consists of a meeting room for 16 people.


High performance PVC windows with laminated glass and DVH 4+4/12/4+4.


Insulation in walls, ceilings and floors with projected polyurethane.


Synthetic paneling, melamine wall covering and acoustic modular ceiling.

Complete Electrical Installations

Pipeline for embedded telephone cables and data with sky trays, outlets, notches, electric board with thermal keys and circuit breakers, installation of LED light fixtures and a hot/cold air conditioning equipment.