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National Bureau of the Antarctic


Antarctic Argentinian Base

Total surface:

60 sq. meters

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Project Panels - National Bureau Of The Antarctic
National Bureau Of The Antarctic

The Antarctic Marine Biology Laboratory is a joint project of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Marine Research of Germany and the Argentine Antarctic Institute in reliance with the National Bureau of the Antarctic that was implemented by 4housing.

The project began in 2014 and reached its last completion stage in March 2016. It is located on the coast of the “Potter” cove in the permanent Argentine Antarctic base “Carlini”, along with other existing buildings also aimed at laboratories.

A rectangular building, with its main access by staircase and a metal walkway, is built relatively higher than the natural land level to avoid the accumulation of snow.

To construct the laboratories, 20-foot paneling modules were used, consisting of a galvanized steel structural frame with sandwich paneling on all sides (floor, walls and roof). These modules were joined to achieve the 60 sq. m of required surface area.

It consists of two independent laboratories, an access work room, an engine room, and a large deposit warehouse. The two will be unified, in an upcoming stage, with a separate cover to improve its performance and ensure a rapid water runoff.

Electrical and water distribution installations were developed internally for easy maintenance; and outdoor drains with their own proper protection. The air conditioning was made with a mixed system heated by radiant electric floor serpentines and are cooled by three compact single-block units of air conditioning. The counter-tops, sinks and furniture are made of stainless steel.

Project Director: Natalia Pellegrini, Architect