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INVAP Bariloche Buildings


Bariloche, Río Negro

Total Surface:

1260 sq. meters


26 of 40 HC & 16 of 40 HC

Total construction time:

90 days

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Container Buildings Project - INVAP Bariloche
Container Buildings Project - INVAP Bariloche
Container Buildings Project - INVAP Bariloche

The project was carried out within 90 days and consists of two buildings made with recycled maritime containers, located at the headquarters that INVAP has in Bariloche, in the Province of Rio Negro.

The Space Building has 780 sq. m with two floors and was built with 26 containers of 40 HC. For its part, the Nuclear Building has 480 sq. m distributed in a single floor and was built with 16 containers of 40 HC.

Both will be used as offices for the development of different projects linked to diverse and new technologies.

Project Design and Director: María Ximena Montero, Architect

The refurbishment was carried out at in our plant in Florencio Varela and then transported to the city of Bariloche where the unloading, positioning, linking of containers, finishing, connection of services were made to general networks and a gabled roof was set up to avoid accumulation of snow.

DVH Windows

German high performance thermos-sealed PVC profiles and UV protection filter. Fixed and projecting panels with high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic transmittance. Double hermetic glazing (DVH) of 4+12+4.


Acoustic, thermal and water-repellent insulation of polyurethane in walls, floor and ceiling.

Floors and Coverings

Covered surface with a rubber floor and PVC baseboards. Coating of partitions and walls with matt melamine finish plates and PVC joints. Acoustic modular ceiling

Electrical Installation

Fully integrated electrical installation with power sockets, notches, thermal keys, circuit breakers and Lumenac (brand name) office lighting fixtures.

Sanitary Installation

Made with thermo-cast products and approved according to regulations. Standard line 3.2 pipes were used for water installation.