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Fate Tigre


Tigre, Buenos Aires

Total surface:

150 sq. meters

Total construction time:

33 days

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Project Panels - Fate Tigre
Project Panels - Fate Tigre

At 4housing we also develop individual living and office spaces using paneling modules, a versatile and fast alternative to meet the needs of all types of industries.

In this opportunity, the work that was undertaken was a Multi-Purpose Salon with a dining room of 75 sq. m. using 5 panel modules for a company in the town of Tigre. This project was carried out in a period of 30 days of production at the factory and only 3 days of assembly.

It has a kitchen, dining and SUM sector of 60 sq. m, where employees can cook and enjoy leisure activities during their work break hours. In addition, 15 sq. m were allocated for the changing rooms, equipped with 3 showers, 2 toilet stalls, 2 urinals and a counter-top with sinks.

Project Director: Paula De Majo, Architect