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Central Puerto Mendoza


Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza

Total surface:

110 sq. meters

Total construction time:

45 days

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Proyecto Panelería - Puerto Mendoza
Proyecto Panelería - Puerto Mendoza

We built a panel office building for the company Central Puerto for its electric power plant located in Luján de Cuyo in the Province of Mendoza.

This project of offices was carried out under the “turnkey approach”, including the tasks of civil works, logistics and assembly. These offices consist of 6 panel modules linked together, covering a total area of 110 sq. m. It also has a binding high-height paneling roof that generates a large air chamber, a feature that gives it greater efficiency in terms of isolation.

The construction building has a large open-plan office for supervisors, two management offices, a meeting room, an office-kitchenette, and a full bathroom containing counter- tops with a sink, mirror, urinals with dividers, and stalls .High-performance PVC carpentry with Double Hermetic Glassing (DVH 12+4+12) and roller blinds were used for the windows.

Finally, for this project, the electrical installation was carried out, according to current regulations and under the requirements of the customer, together with the telephone and data installation for each workstation.

The modular building was manufactured in the plant within 30 days, while the civil work of laying out water networks, sewers, septic chamber, and assembly of the modules were completed in just 15 days.

Project Director: María Belén González, Architect