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Barbados Bathing Establishment


Pinamar, Buenos Aires

Total surface:

150 m2


4 40-foot HC & 2 20-foot HC

Total construction time:

45 days

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Container Buildings Project - Balneario Barbados
Proyecto Edificios Contenedores - Balneario Barbados
Container Buildings Project - Balneario Barbados

The new Barbados Bathing Establishment of 150 sq. m, built within a 45-day period, is located in Pinamar, in the Province of Buenos Aires.

The project consists of 4 40-foot HC containers and 2 20-foot HC containers that include facilities for the normal operation of the establishment.

In Spanish-speaking countries, a “parador”, is an area used for relaxing. This specific “parador” welcomes approximately 800 tourists during the peak-season.

Project Director: Rina Pomini, Architect

The 40-foot HC containers were used to build a house for campers, public baths, a kiosk sector, and locker rooms for men and women. In the two 20-foot HC containers, on one of the sides, the kitchen and bar section of the bathing establishment was installed and on the other side, the administration office.

DVH Windows

German high performance thermos-sealed PVC profiles and UV protection filter. Fixed and projecting panels with high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic transmittance. Double hermetic glazing (DVH) of 4+12+4.


Cellulose fiber alignment in both the walls and partitions. Insulated ceilings with projected polyurethane foam and a liquid water-repellent membrane.


The exterior walls are lined with a sheet metal color of microwave design and framed with metal profiles. The interior walls and partitions are lined with dry wall, Durlock (brand name) where different models of ILVA porcelain® were put up.

Electrical Installations

Fully integrated electrical installation with outlets, notches, thermal keys, circuit breakers and LED lighting fixtures.

Sanitary and Changing Room Installations

Custom-designed silestone countertops. FV® press-matic and mono-command taps for sinks and showers. The toilets are equipped with vandal-proof discharge valves, urinals with press-matic valves and ROCA® wall-hanging toilets.