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Características Y Ventajas De La Construcción Modular

Thanks to its many benefits, modular construction is an alternative that continues winning popularity in all business and industrial sectors of the country when it comes to expanding, modifying or creating new workspaces.

Do you want to know in detail the advantages that this type of construction can bring to your company? We’ll tell you then!

Flexible and adaptable design

Both the modular construction with recycled shipping containers and the method that uses metal structures and the paneling system offer the possibility of creating all kinds of complexes (offices, educational centers, laboratories, multipurpose rooms, restrooms, dining rooms and more spaces). These are entirely designed according to the activity and need of each organization.

Furthermore, as they are recoverable, transportable, stackable and reusable elements, the buildings become flexible structures that allow reconfiguration, addition and even transfer of spaces as required in the future.

Speed ​​of execution

The construction from modules is fundamentally different from the traditional and wet method by reducing the total construction time to a third compared to traditional construction, also enabling better management of materials and personnel for labor.

Construction in a controlled environment

The modular architecture has two stages: the first is for conditioning and factory production, and the second is for tasks and assembly at the final location. This way of working not only allows optimizing the time of the tasks but also provides greater control over each step of the process, being able to observe the complete evolution (painting and sandblasting, blacksmithing, insulation, installations and finishes), thus guaranteeing a product of high quality.

Less impact on routine

Another great benefit of modular architecture is that when it is manufactured in an external plant and then proceed with the final location, it reduces the inconvenience that an expansion or construction generates in the daily work of the employees of the company in question.

Durable materials

For its part, recycled containers are watertight, strong and robust structures to which special paint and insulation treatments are applied according to their purpose and location to increase their resistance to various weather conditions, ensuring the delivery of durable and suitable buildings to be inhabited.

Caring for ecology and saving resources

It is also a construction method that is characterized by being sustainable and friendly to the environment for several reasons: it transforms and offers a new use to maritime containers that can no longer be used to transport cargo, it generates less waste, and it also allows the incorporation of innovative lighting, air conditioning and efficient insulation systems that reduce energy consumption.

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